The Face
Radlanski, Ralf J. / Wesker, Karl H.

The Face
Pictorial Atlas of Clinical Anatomy

Kiadás éve: 2012
Oldalszám: 368 oldal, 380 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: anatómia

Rendelési szám: 18281

Ára148 EUR
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For the first time, the highly complex anatomical and topographic relationships of the face are represented through a comprehensive series of over 380 vivid, detailed illustrations. Because the authors use composite images of living models and anatomical dissection specimens as well as corresponding computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging series, their illustrations capture three-dimensional detail and provide surprising clarity. Facial structures can be explored layer-by-layer, and significant landmarks, anatomical details, and clinically relevant groupings of nerves and blood vessels are taken into account to preserve clinical relevance.

In addition, the layers of the dissection are always seen from the same viewpoint, thus ensuring that a clear overall orientation is maintained throughout. Accompanying text and figure legends emphasize key points, but the focus is always on the anatomical images.

A must have hand on working tool for dentists, esthetic plastic surgeons, dermatologists, ENT specialists, ophthalmologists