The Art of Passion
McLaren, Edward A. (Hg.)

The Art of Passion
A Photographic Journey

Kiadás éve: 2010
Oldalszám: 111 oldal, 148 kép (122 színes, 26 fekete/fehér)
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: esztétikai fogászat

Rendelési szám: 18431

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the Art of Passion: a photographic journey...
"The following images represent several years of study, trial and error, and countless thousands of images both of film and digital in an attempt to discover the color characteristics, form, texture, and luster of natural teeth.

The purpose of this study was to learn the optical behavior of teeth, and more importantly how to take this information and use artificial materials to create natural tooth optics in a dental ceramic restoration.

The passion for teeth, the fascination of interplay of light, and the love of photography created an interesting side benefit, it caused me to see people and the world around me very differently. It led me to look for unique perspectives and expressiveness.

It made observing what most people would see as ordinary or mundane more interesting because I am always looking for a new way to "see" and capture it in a image. I try to give the viewer some of those fascinating experiences.

In the book I will demonstrate the step-by-step process for taking and communicating shade information. Also covered in great detail is the ceramic layering technique called "the Skeleton Build-up Technique", as I want you to share in the knowledge gained from this study of natural teeth. I hope you enjoy it and it helps inspire you on your life's journeys as it has been a fun journey for me that still continues."

Edward A. McLaren, DDS MDC