Successful Posterior Composites
Lynch, Christopher D.

Successful Posterior Composites

Kiadás éve: 2008
Oldalszám: 148 oldal, 135 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: konzerváló fogászat

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The use of resin composite in posterior restorations is an accepted practice, offering a predictable and minimally invasive treatment. Resin composite can be regarded as the "material of choice" for restoring many posterior teeth that have been damaged by caries or trauma.
This textbook reviews the most current concepts, presents techniques for successful results, and demonstrates how to avoid common pitfalls.

Chapter 01: Posterior Composites: The State of Play
Chapter 02: Let's Stick Together: How Do We "Bond" Composite Resin to Tooth?
Chapter 03: When Should We Place Posterior Composites?
Chapter 04: Getting Ready: Cavities for Posterior Composites
Chapter 05: Protecting Dentine and Pulp: Do We Really Need a Base?
Chapter 06: Shedding Light on Placement Techniques for Posterior Composites
Chapter 07: Getting Back in Touch: Restoring Proximal Contours
Chapter 08: Almost There: Finishing Techniques
Chapter 09: The Management of Failing Direct Composite Restorations: Replace or Repair?
Chapter 10: Expanding Horizons: Advanced Uses of Posterior Composites
Chapter 11: When Things Go Wrong: Trouble-shooting Posterior Composites
Chapter 12: Don't Always Believe What You Read in Books: A Critique of Posterior Composites