Sinus Floor Elevation
Nosaka, Yasuhiro

Sinus Floor Elevation
Avoiding Pitfalls Using Cone-Beam CT

Kiadás éve: 2014
Oldalszám: 120 oldal, 806 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: implantológia

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In this book, Dr Yasuhiro Nosaka examines the different issues that may arise and be encountered by the clinician when performing sinus floor elevation. While recognizing the benefit of less invasive procedures, the author has pointed out some drawbacks of the osteotome technique, recommending thorough preoperative examinations by means of cone-beam CT imaging for dental use. Dr Nosaka presents the details, including the pathological findings, of manifold cases, such as the treatment of maxillary sinusitis, mucous retention cysts and apical lesions, as well as solutions for cases with difficulties due to the presence of alveolar artery and septa.

The only way to ensure a good treatment outcome is to avoid pitfalls through careful evaluations and diagnosis. This book provides useful techniques and key points to remember for performing sinus floor elevation, all illustrated by full-color images, to navigate the clinician to a successful, complication-free, treatment outcome.



Part I The lateral window technique aided by CT scanning
1 The maxillary sinus and membrane
2 CT scanning for maxillary sinus evaluation
3 Principles and procedures of the lateral window technique
4 Pitfalls of the lateral window technique
4.1 The preoperative stage
4.2 The intraoperative stage
4.3 The postoperative stage

Part II The osteotome technique aided by CT scanning
5 Principles and procedures of the osteotome technique
6 Pitfalls of the osteotome technique