Quintessence of Dental Technology 2013
Duarte Jr., Sillas

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2013

Kiadás éve: 2013
Oldalszám: 236 oldal, 850 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: fogtechnika

Rendelési szám: 15041

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In QDT 2013, master clinicians present the newest concepts, laboratory techniques, and materials used by restorative and esthetic dentists and technicians. Focusing particularly on esthetic treatment using advanced ceramics, this year's issue covers topics such as pink ceramics, esthetic predictability using the anatomic shell technique, posterior crowns, noninvasive provisional restorations, and opacity control, with the "State of the Art" article featuring the inverse layering technique. Each original article is beautifully displayed in classic QDT fashion, making this year's issue another great addition to your QDT library.

Authors include:
• Dario Adol • Oswaldo Scopin de Andrade • Gustavo Javier Vernazza • Mauricio Contar Adol • Jungo Endo • Anas Aloum • Paulo Kano • Cristiano Xavier • Jonathan L. Ferencz • Eric Van Dooren • Nelson R.F.A. Silva • Vincenzo Musella • Masayuki Saito • Kimiyo Sawyer • Josef Schweiger • Daniel Edelhoff • Gilberto Borges • Marcelo Kyrillos • Marcelo Moreira • Luis Calicchio • Lourenço Correr Sobrinho • Naoki Hayashi • Jun Suzuki • Giuseppe Romeo • Galip Gürel • Sillas Duarte

• Editorial: Passion, Innovation, and Excellence • The Area of Adhesive Continuity: A New Concept for Bonded Ceramic Restorations • The Anatomical Shell Technique: An Approach to Improve the Esthetic Predictability of CAD/CAM Restorations • Ultimate Optical Properties of Composite Resin • Esthetic Rehabilitation of a Severely Discolored Dentition with Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedures (MIPP) • Anterior Esthetics with APT: Are CAD-CAM Systems Ready for the High-End Anterior Esthetics Challenge? • STATE OF THE ART: The Inverse Layering Technique • Pink Ceramic: Combining Esthetics and Longevity • Noninvasive Provisional Restorations Using High-Density Polymers • Energy Flow-From Within • Functional and Esthetic Protocol for Oral Rehabilitation • Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal and All-Ceramic Crowns for Posterior Teeth: Material Science and Laboratory Procedures • MASTERPIECE: Monolithic CAD/CAM Porcelain Laminate Veneers with External Staining • Dental Anatomical Combinations: A Guide to Ultimate Dental Esthetics • Magnification-Enhanced CAD/CAM Restorations