Quintessence of Dental Technology
Duarte Jr., Sillas

Quintessence of Dental Technology

Kiadás éve: 2012
Oldalszám: 200 oldal, 850 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: fogtechnika

Rendelési szám: 19911

Ára118 EUR
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The 35th anniversary issue of QDT is an impressive compilation of original articles by some of the masters in esthetic dentistry on the newest concepts, laboratory techniques, and materials for restorative dentists and dental technicians.

Ultraconservative esthetic treatment and nature-inspired restorations are a main focus of this year's issue, which also includes special articles on digital smile design as a tool for treatment planning and the perioprosthetic connection in treating an ankylosed central incisor. The "State of the Art" article features multidisciplinary smile rehabilitation using ultraconservative esthetic treatment, and "Biomaterials Update" covers fiber posts and composite core buildups.

This beautifully produced 35th anniversary issue will not only educate but will inspire readers to excellence.

Authors include
• Eric Van Dooren
• Victor Clavijo
• Oliver Brix
• Daniel Edelhoff
• Leonardo Bacherini
• Domenico Cascione
• Christian Coachman
• Marcelo Calamita
• Stefano Inglese
• Galip Gürel
• Braulio Paolucci
• Oswaldo Scopin de Andrade
• Naoto Yuasa
• Francesca Vailati
• August Bruguera
• Urs Belser
• Sillas Duarte
• Jin-Ho Phark
• Luiz Narciso Baratieri