Periodontal Tissue Destruction and Remodelling
Tuncer, Ö./Multu, S./Scully, C.

Periodontal Tissue Destruction and Remodelling

Kiadás éve: 2003
Oldalszám: 150 oldal
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: parodontológia

Rendelési szám: 11731

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Peridontitis is a multifactorial inflammatory disease that makes it difficult to assess the contribution of the different factors involved in the pathogenesis. The control of chronic inflammation is polygenic and a similar clinical appearance may have different etiologies. The complex interactions that occur between host-response mechanisms and oral pathogens in periodontal disease have made elucidation of genetic factors in disease susceptibility more difficult. This would also apply to microbiological background of the periodontal diseases.

This is the first ever book published on the mechanism of tissue destruction and treatment methods all together. The experts of the related topics from around the world prepared chapters which complete each other. Genetic factors, microbiological aspects (including viral background), immunological mechanism, the effect of tobacco are all discussed in the first part of the book.

The second part investigates the many alternative treatment methods including the regenerative procedures in remodeling of periodontal tissues.

Treatment alternatives are also in the scope of this book and discussed extensively. This book is a must for all involved in the research of the mechanisms of periodontal destruction. Clinicians will also find this book very useful since many alternative treatment models and their effectiveness are discussed extensively.