Periodontal Therapy
Nevins, Marc L. /Mellonig, James T.

Periodontal Therapy
Volume 1: Clinical Approaches and Evidence of Success (Elfogyott.)

Kiadás éve: 1998
Oldalszám: 412 oldal, 113 kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: parodontológia

Rendelési szám: 10621

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Leading Clinicians and investigators pool their expertise in this comprehensive exploration of contemporary periodontal therapy. With more than 1.000 illustrations and numerous case studies, the book examines the long-term results of successful periodontal treatment, based on the available evidence.
Includes up-to-date discussions of goal-oriented treatment planning and diagnosis, surgical techniques and nonsurgical therapy, current regenerative therapies and their complications, treatment of medically compromised patients, long-term maintenance, supportive periodontal care, and more. A classic-to-be.