Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment
Ricci, Giano

Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment

Kiadás éve: 2014/1
Oldalszám: kb. 752 oldal, kb. 3100 kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: parodontológia

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This book illustrates the results achieved by the author during the course of his illustrious career and allows the reader to share the 40-year experience of an outstanding periodontologist. The author explains treatment methods that can guarantee lasting benefits for the patient, emphasizing the importance of a full understanding of the pathogenic process as it develops in relation to the anatomy of the periodontal tissues. In formulating an effective treatment plan, clinicians are advised to adopt a non-surgical approach before considering the option of surgery. They are then taught various procedures suggested by a holistic assessment and considerable clinical experience: photographs offering a detailed illustration of the various steps of the surgical techniques described. Considerable efforts have been made to explain how to treat both hard and soft tissues. The clinical documentation is complemented by diagrams and drawings that increase the educational value of the work. The author's attention is focused not only on how to carry out a given procedure but also why one type of surgical approach should be chosen over another. With a view to resolving the patient's aesthetic and functional problems, the book chapters focus on diagnosis, a treatment plan, resective, regenerative and mucogingival therapy, periodontal plastic surgery and the importance of multi-specialist treatment. This book clearly highlights the need for a holistic and multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of periodontal disease and the therapies necessary to successfully resolve the specific problems of each individual patient in the long term.


CHAPTER 1 Diagnosis and treatment plan
CHAPTER 2 Nonsurgical periodontal therapy
CHAPTER 3 Gingival surgery, mucogingival therapy, and periodontal plastic surgery
CHAPTER 4 Resective bone surgery
CHAPTER 5 Regenerative periodontal therapy
CHAPTER 6 Orthodontics and periodontal therapy
CHAPTER 7 Endodontic-periodontal relationships
CHAPTER 8 Periodontal maintenance