Peri-Implant Infection
Schwarz, Frank / Becker, Jürgen

Peri-Implant Infection
Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

Kiadás éve: 2009
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Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: implantológia szájsebészet általános fogászat

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As more and more people today are choosing dental implants over traditional methods of tooth replacement, a corresponding rise in the number of individuals with post-implant complications can be expected.

Consequently, the significance of treating conditions such as peri-implant infections is mounting. Follow-up studies have shown that the prevalence of peri-implantitis currently ranges from 12 to 43% for most implant systems.

Etiological and risk factors for the disease have been identified in a number of experimental and clinical studies performed in recent years.

Diagnostic methods borrowed from periodontology have been adapted and extended to the implant-specific setting. In addition, a number of different non-surgical and surgical, resective and regenerative modalities are now available for treatment of peri-implantitis.

This book was prompted by the often frustrating realization that many cases of treatment-resistant peri-implantitis lesions end in implant failure and explantation. The continuous development of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods has made it possible to prevent progression of the disease in most cases and to give these patients a long-term perspective for retention of their implant-borne restorations.

Successful management of peri-implantitis requires a thorough understanding of the underlying medical and dental factors involved in the overall complex of the disease. Notwithstanding the recent advances in the field of modern implantology, periodontal regenerative therapy options should be considered carefully and given preference over implant restorations in certain cases.