Osseointegration and Occlusal Rehabilitation
Hobo, Sumiya /Ichida, Eiji /Garcia, Lily T.

Osseointegration and Occlusal Rehabilitation

Kiadás éve: 1991
Oldalszám: 462 oldal, 1077 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: szájsebészet

Rendelési szám: 27811

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This book contains procedures for surgery and prosthodontic treatment. Part I explains all techniques needed for successful long-term prognosis, from a surgical and prosthetic point of view.
Part II discusses occlusion, which has been previously overlooked, and sets the standard of care for future treatment. By understanding the requirements in each phase, the practitioner can enhance patient treatment and ultimately improve long-term functional results.