Occlusal Adjustments in Implants and Natural Dentition
Jiménez-López, Vicente

Occlusal Adjustments in Implants and Natural Dentition
3D Occlusion

Kiadás éve: 2015/10
Oldalszám: Kemény borítós könyv, videó-DVD
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: funkciódiagnosztika és -terápia implantológia

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Includes DVD with more than 200 Animations

This book offers a meticulous analysis of occlusion, one of the most important specialties in dentistry, because a healthy stomatognathic system depends on it. The book covers the dentition, tooth and implant bone, gingiva, tooth and implant-borne prostheses, masticatory muscles, ligaments, TMJ, articular capsules, disks, etc.
The problems that can lead to "malocclusion" depend on patient emotional stress, grinding, clenching, and the jaw being out of occlusion and its proper position. The book also covers referred pain, which can mimic joint symptoms caused by neck and masticatory muscle problems. Headaches and facial pain may be diagnosed as being atypical and may be really due to occlusionrelated muscle problems (masseters, temporalis, etc.), including neck muscles. There are many!

• Work Philosophy
• Occlusion-related Terminology
• Organic Occlusion and Basic Principles
• Anterior Guidance
• Centric Relation
• Bilateral Posterior Occlusal Stability
• Vertical Dimension
• Etiopathology of Occlusal Problems: Prematurities and Interferences
• Occlusal Etiology of TMJ Pathology
• Splint Therapy
• Occlusal Adjustment
• Occlusion in Implant-Supported Fixed Dental Prostheses and Single Units

Co-authors: Jaime Jiménez-García • Silvia Jiménez-García • David Jiménez-García • Maria José Jiménez-García