Natural ceramics
Korson, David

Natural ceramics

Kiadás éve: 1990
Oldalszám: 127 oldal, 232 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: protetika

Rendelési szám: 23961

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Successful replacements for natural dentition must fulfil many criteria. An important aspect, especially for the patient, is aesthetic consideration.
To the dental technician the mystique of ceramic restorations remains as elusive as ever. The skills necessary to create a natural appearance with this difficult material are rare. Yet in the hands of an expert, porcelain restorations are considered things of beauty, and the ability of the material to duplicate every nuance of nature's creation makes it still the material of choice. However, for many this difficult medium allows only a mediocre result; shapeless and monochromatic teeth are more often the norm than the exception.
In this book, David Korson's experience and expertise in the handling of this demanding medium provide a unique insight into the ways of blending and layering porcelain colours to create natural-looking artificial teeth that defy detection within the oral environment.
This volume will provide invaluable knowledge for dentists with shade selection, communication, lighting, and tooth character.
Technicians will find chapters devoted to building and shaping ceramics with many colour plates of detailed techniques offering new opportunities for creativity.
Included is a comprehensive chapter devoted to tooth anatomy, detailing such important criteria as tooth contact areas, points of occlusal contact, heights of anatomic contour and tissue patterns, providing a useful guide to those wishing to improve tooth morphology.
Both dentists and dental technicians wishing to improve their understanding and skills in dental ceramics will be stimulated by the contact of this work.