Minimally Invasive Dentistry
Wilson, Nairn H. F.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry
The Management of Caries

Kiadás éve: 2007
Oldalszám: 168 oldal, 170 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: parodontológia protetika

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Minimally invasive management of caries is critical to realizing the goal of giving patients teeth for life. The effective practice of modern caries management depends on a shift to a medical rather than a surgical approach to prevention and treatment, combined with good working knowledge and understanding of state-of-the-art materials and techniques.

This multi-author book provides succinct, authoritative, evidence-based insight into the many, varied, recent developments in cariology, together with essential information and guidance of immediate practical relevance to the forward-thinking practitioner.