Infection Control for the Dental Team
Martin, Michael V. / Fulford, Martin R. / Preston, Antony J.

Infection Control for the Dental Team

Kiadás éve: 2009
Oldalszám: 76 oldal, 32 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
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Infection control is central to the clinical practice of dentistry. This book deals with infection control risk, medical histories and personal protection, surgery design and equipment, instrument decontamination, disinfection and ethical and legal responsibilities in infection control. It explains the reasons why we perform infection control and practical ways to do it and will be of interest and practical help to all the dental team.

Chapter 1: The Risks
Chapter 2: Medical Histories and Personal Protection
Chapter 3: Surgery Design and Surgery Equipment
Chapter 4: Instrument Decontamination
Chapter 5: Disinfection
Chapter 6: Legal and Ethical Issues in Infection Control
Appendix 1: Model Policies, Protocols and Checklists
Appendix 2: Syllabus for Infection Control Training for Members of the Dental Team