Implant Therapy
Merli, Mauro

Implant Therapy
Volume 1: Diagnosis and Surgical Therapy: The Integrated Treatment Plan

Kiadás éve: 2012
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Szakterületek: implantológia arc-állcsont-szájsebészet

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The integrated treatment plan places the individual-patient at the centre of the diagnostic and therapeutic process. A natural consequence of this approach is that patients establish an alliance with the clinician with the purpose of achieving and maintaining good oral health over

Therefore, the concept of an Integrated treatment plan seeks to satisfy the patient's wishes and expectations, from both a comprehensive and interdisciplinary perspective, involving the application of state of the art technology as well as the expertise and support of medical and dental specialities.

This text delves into the process of constructing a diagnosis, assessing the potential risk factors, and then describing step by step some of the more recent surgical procedures to be applied to patients that are candidates for implant therapy.

Each phase covered will be accompanied by clear references to its scientific background in order to provide the reader with bibliographical support for further study. Most procedures are illustrated with photographs, anatomical drawings, as well as videos with animated graphics and live surgery clinical film clips showing relevant surgical and prosthetic details, particularly useful for educational purposes.

In the belief that sharing ideas , comparing experiences and spreading information can only contribute to professional growth and improvement, this text has not only been written for dentists or oral health professionals, but aims to reach students practitioners - whether general or specialist - and all other healthcare professionals.