Implant Overdentures
Feine, Jocelyne S.

Implant Overdentures
The Standard of Care for Edentulous Patients

Kiadás éve: 2003
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Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: implantológia

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The newest generation in periodontal growth factors, enamel matrix derivative (EMD), promotes periodontal regeneration by mimicking the biologic processes involved in nascent tooth development and has shown considerable promise even in the treatment of furcation-involved teeth. This well-illustrated, easy-to-read manual explains the concepts and mechanism of action of this advanced treatment approach and demonstrates the surgical techniques and method of application that will optimize the potential for success. Case studies provide clinical and radiographic evidence of regeneration of cementum, alveolar bone, and the periodontal ligament. Clinicians experienced with periodontal regenerative techniques and those new to the field will find this a useful guide.