Implant Dentistry: From Failure to Success
Zinner, Ira D./Panno, Francis V./ Small, Stanley A./Landa, Lloyd S.

Implant Dentistry: From Failure to Success

Kiadás éve: 2004
Oldalszám: 208 oldal, 365 kép (272 színes, 93 fekete/fehér)
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: implantológia

Rendelési szám: 11881

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Clinicians face multiple challenges in treating patients who present with failed implants: they must identify the cause of failure, find a way to salvage the restoration, and satisfy an unhappy patient. This book, a collaborative effort by a group of seasoned clinicians, offers a guiding philosophy as well as practical strategies for treating common types of failure. Emphasizing the need for diligent planning, precise techniques, and complete cooperation among all members of the implant team, the authors advocate a sequential treatment approach and the use of long-term, screw-retained, fixed provisional prostheses to enhance patient comfort and function and to improve treatment predictability. They also share strategies they have learned through experience for reducing prosthetic, surgical, and technical complications. Detailed clinical cases demonstrate the most common types of failure and the steps taken to restore function. All members of the implant team-restorative dentists, surgeons, and laboratory technicians - will benefit from the interdisciplinary approach presented in this text.