History of Periodontology
Carranza, Fermín/Shklar, Gerald

History of Periodontology

Kiadás éve: 2003
Oldalszám: 224 oldal, 87 fekete/fehér kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: parodontológia

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This book presents a broad historical perspective on the evolution of periodontics from the prehistoric era to the present. Along the way, it highlights key figures and their contributions to our current understanding and treatment of periodontal disease. Emphasizing periodontology's roots in the medical sciences, the book traces the impact of several landmark 19th-century discoveries-such as the germ theory of disease, anesthesia, and X-rays-on modern periodontics. Half of the book focuses on emerging concepts of the 20th century. Fascinating details about the lives of well-known periodontal pioneers and ample quotes reveal the medical and scientific beliefs of the times. This text will lend clarity to the past and insight into the future of periodontics.

Table of Contents

Part I The Prehistoric Era and Early Civilizations
1 The Prehistoric Era, and Early Middle Eastern and Egyptian Civilizations
2 Ancient India and China
3 Later Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Civilizations
4 Pre-Columbian America

Part II Classical and Medieval Ages
5 Greece, Rome, and Byzantium
6 Arabian Medicine
7 The Middle Ages

Part III The Modern Era
8 The Renaissance
9 The Seventeenth Century
10 The Eighteenth Century

Part IV The Nineteenth Century
11 The Century in Perspective
12 Anesthesia
13 Microbiology
14 The Discovery of X Rays
15 Clinical Periodontology
16 Pathology

Part V The Twentieth Century
17 The Century in Perspective
18 Periodontal Histopathology 1900-1950
19 Etiology of Periodontal Disease 1900-1950
20 Clinical Periodontology 1900-1950: Diagnosis
21 Clinical Periodontology 1900-1950: Nonsurgical Therapy
22 Clinical Periodontology 1900-1950: Periodontal Surgery
23 Focal Infection
24 After World War II: The Researchers
25 After World War II: The Clinicians
26 Implant Dentistry
27 Organized Periodontics
28 Periodontal Education
29 Dental Hygiene
30 The Future of Periodontology