Evidence-Based Dentistry
Richards, Derek

Evidence-Based Dentistry
Managing Information for Better Practice

Kiadás éve: 2008
Oldalszám: 156 oldal, 35 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: tudomány és kutatás általános fogászat

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In the modern world, new information is constantly being produced that affects patient treatment, and clinicians need the skills to evaluate and apply pertinent information to their practice. This book outlines the key concepts of evidence-based dentistry and illustrates the process from analysis to implementation using relevant clinical examples.


Chapter 01: Introduction
Chapter 02: Finding Answers
Chapter 03: Clinical Scenarios
Chapter 04: Evidence-based Guidelines
Chapter 05: Cochrane Reviews
Chapter 06: Systematic Reviwes
Chapter 07: Individual Studies
Chapter 08: Study Appraisal: Randomised Controlled Trials
Chapter 09: Study Appraisal: Cohort Studies
Chapter 10: Study Appraisal: Qualitative Studies
Chapter 12: Keeping Up To Date
Chapter 13: Sources of Evidence/Information