Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics Vol 2
Fradeani, Mauro / Barducci, Giancarlo

Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics Vol 2
Prosthetic Treatment : A Systematic Approach to Esthetic, Biologic and Functional Integration

Kiadás éve: 2008
Oldalszám: 600 oldal, 2500 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: esztétikai fogászat

Rendelési szám: 12881

Ára280 EUR
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This much-anticipated book presents the procedural phases required to achieve optimal results in the esthetic rehabilitation of patients in need of fixed prostheses. Communication between the clinician and the technician, which is essential to the aesthetic, biologic, and functional integration of the prosthetic rehabilitation, is highlighted through a step-by-step presentation of all clinical and laboratory procedures. Chapters demonstrate methods to obtain accurate facebow recordings, impression materials and techniques, fabrication of provisional restorations, and incorporation of interdisciplinary therapies for ideal comfort and aesthetics. All this information is transferred to the final restorations, which should provide patients with long-term prosthetic solutions exhibiting appropriate fit, form, and function. Hundreds of full-colour clinical photographs and detailed illustrations accompany each treatment phase and situation. This beautiful book picks up where Volume 1 ended and delivers its message with equal clarity and precision.


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