Dental Bleaching
Kelleher, Martin

Dental Bleaching

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Bleaching has been scientifically proven to be a simple, safe, and effective modality. Used appropriately, bleaching treatments provide significant aesthetic benefits to patients and incur only a very low biologic risk and a reasonable financial cost. Inside/outside bleaching has dramatically reduced the further destruction of damaged teeth caused by the placement of post crowns.

Chapter 1: Chemistry and Safety of Dental Bleaching
Chapter 2: Nightguard Vital Bleaching
Chapter 3: Management of Discoloured Dead Anterior Teeth
Chapter 4: Bleaching of Teeth Affected by Specific Conditions
Chapter 5: Chair-side Bleaching
Chapter 6: Over-the-counter Bleaching Products
Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 8: Information for Patients
Chapter 9: Complications and Contraindications