Controversial Issues in Implant Dentistry
Alfaro, Federico Hernandez

Controversial Issues in Implant Dentistry

Kiadás éve: 2013
Oldalszám: 272 oldal, 575 kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: implantológia

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Dental implantology has seen a revolution in the last decade. Reasons for this include the universal incorporation of 3D tools for diagnosis and planning, new surfaces and macro designs of implants, bioactive materials, tissue engineering techniques, and minimally invasive surgical procedures. This new paradigm is still evolving, and will doubtless change the way we treat edentulous patients in the forthcoming years. This book focuses on several controversial topics in implant dentistry. Controversial Issues in Implant Dentistry is aimed at the clinician who deals with implant therapy and needs deep insight into topics that are still the subject of debate.


Chapter 01 What is the best possible implant when it comes to design and surface?
Chapter 02 Short implants ... short life?
Chapter 03 Is socket preservation possible?
Chapter 04 Immediate implants: are they safe?
Chapter 05 Can I rely on software-guided surgery?
Chapter 06 Should we really care about peri-implantitis? Can it be successfully treated?
Chapter 07 Limitations of guided bone regeneration
Chapter 08 Biomaterials: which to use and when?
Chapter 09 Atrophic maxilla: to use what is available or reconstruct?
Chapter 10 Is there a way to successfully manage the posterior atrophic mandible?
Chapter 11 Tissue engineering: how long before reality?