Autologous Blood Concentrates
Garg, Arun K.

Autologous Blood Concentrates

Kiadás éve: 2019
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Since the discovery of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) 25 years ago, interest in the use of autologous blood concentrates as adjuncts to surgical treatment has exploded. As more and more medically useful components of autologous blood concentrates have been identified, a host of unique acronyms such as PRF, CGF, PRGF, and more have surfaced, resulting in significant confusion among clinicians as to which material to use and when. Written by one of the original co-discoverers of PRP, this book tackles this issue of "too much information" by illuminating the science behind the clinical use of autologous blood concentrates as adjuncts to surgical treatment and helps to establish a foundation of practical knowledge for clinical use. The first part of the book summarizes the current literature from all aspects of medicine currently using autologous blood concentrates, showing both the possible applications as well as the limitations of these biologic materials. The second part of the book provides step-by-step instructions and richly illustrated treatment protocols for a number of applications for autologous blood concentrates specific to the practice of implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Comprehensively researched and expertly written, this book is a must for clinicians who are just beginning to incorporate autologous blood concentrate treatment into their practice as well as experienced practitioners.

1. Autologous Blood Concentrates: Standardizing the Science of Natural Wound Healing
2. Medical and Surgical Applications of Autologous Blood Concentrates
3. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Biologic Growth Factors, and Bone Morphogens in Bone Regeneration Procedures
4. Oral Implants, Osseointegration, and Autologous Blood Concentrates
5. Oral Cavity Soft Tissue Healing and Autologous Blood Concentrates
6. Oral Cavity Hard Tissue Healing and Autologous Blood Concentrates
7. Facial Cosmetics and Autologous Blood Concentrates
8. The Future of Platelet-Rich Plasma

A. Phlebotomy Principles and Techniques
B. Steps for Collecting Autologous Blood
C. Blood Collection Sites & Precautions
D. Ten Commandments of Phlebotomy
E. Potential Complications
F. Consent Form for Phlebotomy and the Development of Platelet-Rich Plasma
G. Potential Patient Issues
H. Potential Complications
I. Accidents