Attachments in the Laboratory
Kaiser, Frank

Attachments in the Laboratory

Kiadás éve: 2013/12
Oldalszám: 316 oldal, 840 színes kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: fogtechnika protetika

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Understanding the diversity of attachment systems available for removable partial prostheses requires a great deal of knowledge and careful attention. With more than 200 attachment systems available on the market, few clinicians or technicians will have sufficient experience to be familiar with them all or know how best to restore their function. This unique atlas provides a meticulous study of approximately 75 different types of attachments, some no longer readily found on the market. The classification of these connectors by concept (function; mechanism; and location, such as intracoronary, extracoronary, on bars, or for overdentures) allows for better clinical decision making and improved communication between dentists and laboratory technicians. A complete study of the laboratory procedures based on the author's extensive experience are detailed step-by-step, enhanced by objective explanations, 3D schemata, and detailed photographs. A visual attachment index at the back of the book facilitates identification of attachment systems and makes this book an invaluable reference for every dental technician.

1. Laboratory Procedures
2. Intracoronal Attachments
3. Extracoronal Attachments
4. Attachments on Bars
5. Attachments for Overdentures
6. Attachments for Telescopic Crowns