Atlas of Tooth- and Implant-Supported Prosthodontics
Weinberg, Lawrence A.

Atlas of Tooth- and Implant-Supported Prosthodontics

Kiadás éve: 2003
Oldalszám: 232 oldal, 613 kép (591 színes)
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: protetika

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This book presents the treatment planning, preparation, fabrication, and use of tooth- and implant-supported prosthodontics, both in theory and in practice.

Drawing on knowledge accumulated over 30 years in clinical practice, the author describes and illustrates a variety of techniques to guide practitioners toward an esthetic final result while avoiding many of the pitfalls typically associated with partial and complete-arch prostheses. Students and practitioners at all levels will benefit from the author's vast clinical experience.