Advanced Removable Partial Dentures
Brudvick, James S.

Advanced Removable Partial Dentures

Kiadás éve: 1999
Oldalszám: 164 oldal, 133 kép
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: protetika

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IntroductionixChapter 1Removable Partial Denture Design
Initial Design · Decision Making for RPD Treatment Planning · Preliminary Impressions · Prosthetic Therapy1Chapter 2Removable Partial Denture Design
Elements of Design · Design Specifics: Class I-IV7Chapter 3Mouth Preparation
Surveying the Diagnostic Cast · Diagnostic Mouth Preparation · Clinical Mouth Preparation37Chapter 4Final Impressions and Master Casts
Altered Cast Impressions · Jaw Relation Records55Chapter 5Laboratory Construction of the Framework
Design Transfer · Blockout and Duplication · Waxing · Spruing, Investing, and Casting · Metal Finishing · Addition of Wire Clasps · Addition of Altered Cast Trays63Chapter 6Establishing the Tooth-Frame Relationship
Tooth Contact Surfaces · Static Fit · Functional Fit · Poor Casting Fit75Chapter 7Completion of the Partial Denture
Jaw Relation Records · Placement of Denture Teeth · Flasking, Tinting, and Packing · Insertion · Metal Occlusal Surfaces ·Long-Term Maintenance79Chapter 8Repairs, Additions, and Relines
Pick-up Impressions · Resin Repairs · Metal Repairs ·Restorations Under Existing RPDs · Crowns Under Existing RPDs · Relines and Rebases93Chapter 9Special Prostheses
Splinting with the RPD · Hinged Major Connections · Rotational Partial Dentures105Chapter 10Precision Attachments
Common Clinical Procedures · Precision Attachment Systems115Chapter 11Implants and Removable Partial Dentures
Class I and II Situations · Class III and IV Situations153Index160