4D Implant Therapy
Funato, Akiyoshi / Ishikawa, Tomohiro

4D Implant Therapy
Esthetic Considerations for Soft Tissue Management

Kiadás éve: 2011
Oldalszám: 216 oldal, 900 kép (ebből 710 színes)
Nyelv: Angol
Szakterületek: implantológia szájsebészet

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Clinicians today recognize the need for a restoration-driven approach to implant therapy that considers the placement in bone and soft tissue from a three-dimensional perspective. However, the authors of this book assert that for optimal esthetics and patient satisfaction, a fourth dimension - timing - must be given equal weight in implant treatment planning. The aim of this book is to introduce this new 4-D concept for esthetic implant therapy and to reexamine the traditional treatment sequence of implant therapy so that practitioners and patients can achieve predictable and esthetically pleasing treatment outcomes.

The importance of including patients and their individual needs and goals in treatment planning is emphasized, as is the preservation of alveolar bone, dentition, function, and esthetics over the long term through the proper execution of periodontal treatment. Topics include immediate implant placement in extraction sockets, extraction socket preservation, root submergence techniques, ridge augmentation, and soft tissue management in the esthetic region.